Pavithra Ramachandria


Pavithra Ramachandria started taking Bharatanatyam lessons and
Carnatic music lessons at the age of 5 with Guru Smt. Subashree
Narayanan. During the few years when Guru Smt. Subashree moved to
India, Pavithra continued taking Bharatanatyam classes under Smt. Asha
Joseph for a year, and under Smt. Veena Krishnakumar for two years and
rejoined Subashree’s tutelage when she returned to Jacksonville from
India. Additionally, she has taken dance workshops under Mentor Smt.
Deepthi Radhakrishnan. She has performed at Jacksonville Tamil
Mandram, Indian Cultural Society and Hindu Society of NorthEast
Florida events, and performed for Nrithya Mela, an live streaming
enrichment series.

Pavithra recently graduated from Allen D. Nease High School, and she
will be attending the University of Florida in the fall. In addition
to Bharatanatyam, Pavithra has a passion for volunteering. She has
spent her summers volunteering at the Westminster Woods nursing home
and the Mayo Clinic. In her free time Pavithra loves shopping and
spending time with family and friends.